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PSC 206   
 Saint-Paul U., 1983: Investigations on the respiration of the Neotropical fish, Colossoma macropomum (Serrasalmidae) The influence of weight and temperature on the routine oxygen consumption. 11 pp. Amazoniana 7(4): 433-443.
  50  2
PSC 207   
 Saint-Paul U., 1984: Investigations on the seasonal changes in the chemical composition of liver and condition from a neotropical characoid fish Colossoma macropomum (Serrasalmidae). 12 pp. Amazoniana 9(1): 147-158.
  50  2
JJE 07073   
 Sakakibara M., 2004: How and why does Eurema blanda arsakia (Fruhstorfer) (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) pupate in groups 6 pp. (in Japanese). [LEP6418] Japanese Journal of Entomology (N.S.) 7(2): 73-78.
  50  2
DIP 5919   
 Satija R. C., Aggarwal V., 1966: Morphological development and crowth of the brain of Drosophila melanogaster. 8 pp. 
  50  2
DIP 5920   
 Satija R. C., Aggarwal V., 1967: Histological studies on postembryonic development of the brain of Drosophila melanogaster. 17 pp. 
  50  2
DIP 5921   
 Satija R. C., Aggarwal V., 1967: Postembryonic development of the eye and its ganglia of Drosophila melanogaster. 15 pp. 
  50  2
BZB 53149   
 Sauer K. P., Kullmann H., 2005: Analyse der biologisch-ökologischen Ursachen der Evolution der gastroneuralen Metazoa – testen einer phylogenetischen Hypothese. 15 pp.  Bonner zoologische Beiträge 53(2004)(1-2): 149-163.
  95  4
MHB 26   
 Saulich A. Kh., 1999: The law of effective temperature sum: limitaitions and scopes for using. 18 pp. (in Russian). Entomologitsheskoe obozrenie 78(2): 257-274.
  50  2
MHB 27   
 Saulich A. Kh., Volkovich T. V., 1996: Monovoltinism and its regulation in insects. 15 pp. (in Russian). Entomologitsheskoe obozrenie 75(2): 244-258.
  50  2
IJE 06195   
 Saxena S. C., Aditya V., 1971: Histopathology and histochemistry of the insects treated with chemosterilants – III. Nucleic acids, phospholipids and phosphatases in the testes of chemosterilized (Poecilocerus pictus). 16 pp. Israel Journal Ent. 6(2): 195-210.
  50  2
IJE 18091   
 Saxena S. C., Saxena P. N., 1984: Efficacy of different malathion formulations applied to different loci in Periplaneta americana L. (Dictyoptera: Blattidae). 4 pp. Israel Journal Ent. 18: 91-94.
  50  2
IJE 06143   
 Schechter M. S., Hayes D. K., Sullivan W. N., 1971: Manipulation of photoperiod to control insects. 24 pp. Israel Journal Ent. 6(2): 143-166.
  150  6
INS 813   
 Schilthuizen M., 2007: The evolution of chirally dimorphic insect genitalia. 8 pp. Tijdschrift voor Entomologie 150(2): 347-354.
  50  2
MSG 50221   
 Schmid A., Jucker W., Antonin P., Touzeau J., Bassino J. P., Maurin G. 1977: Contribution a l’étude des régulateurs de croissance des insectes (RCI), analogues de l’hormone juvénile, utilisés en plein champ dans la lutte contre des ravageurs de la vigne et du verger. I. Tordeuses de la grappe: eudémis (Lobesia botrana) et cochylis (Clysia ambiguella). 12 pp. Mitt. Schweiz. entomol. Ges. 50(3-4): 221-232.
  50  2
MIV 26053   
 Schmidt A., 2001: Experimentelle und freilandökologische Untersuchungen zu Aktivitätsrhythmik und mikroklimatischem Präferenzverhalter ausgewählter afrikanischer Laufkäferarten der Gattungen Anthia und Thermophilum (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Antiini). 32 pp. Mitteilungen des Internationalen Entomologischen Vereins 26(1-2): 53-84.
  295  12
IJE 07129   
 Seligman I. M., Doy F. A., 1972: Studies on cyclic AMP mediation of hormonally induced Cytolysis of the alary hypodermal cells and of hormonally controlled DOPA synthesis in Lucilia cuprina. 14 pp. Israel Journal Ent. 7: 129-142.
  50  2
ASF 10917   
 Sellier R., 1974: Documentary informations about the ultrastructure of the antennary sensory receptors of the Lepidoptera Rhopalocera; researchs with scanning electron microscopy. 21 pp. (in French). [32286] Annales de la Societe entomologique de France (N.S.) 10(4): 917-937.
  150  6
ASF 13347   
 Sellier R., 1977: Étude ultramorphologique des sensilles antennaires des Sesiidés; essai sur l’origine et les étapes de la morphologie des sensilles antennaires des Lépidopteres. 21 pp. [32726] Annales de la Societe entomologique de France (N.S.) 13(2): 347-367.
  150  6
CBU 57161   
 Serrano A. R. M., Diogo A. C., 2003: New stridulatory structures in a tiger beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Cicindelinae): morphology and sound characterization. 6 pp. The Coleopterists Bulletin 57(2): 161-166.
  50  2
IJE 11081   
 Shaaya E., Grossman G., Ikan R., 1976: The effect of straight chain fatty acids on growth of Calandra oryzae. 11 pp. Israel Journal Ent. 11: 81-91.
  50  2
JPE 09011   
 Sharma P., Mohan L., Srivastava C. N., 2006: Impact analysis of Neem Kernel extracts on the developmental profile of Anopheles stephensi. 7 pp. Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology 9(1): 11-17.
  50  2
ORT 1376   
 Sharma V. P., 1966: Pharmacology and histopathology of certain insecticides in grasshopper Poecilocerus pictus Fabricius. 10 pp. (in English). University of Notre Dame College of Science: 203-212.
  50  2
AGR 102   
 Shinyaeva L. I., Reutskaja O. E., Burov V. N., 1983: Physiological mechanism of pseudo-sterilization of insects by juvenoids. 9 pp. (in Russian). Entomologitsheskoe obozrenie 62(2): 236-244.
  50  2
TSL 11108   
 Short J. R. T., 1959: On the sceleto-muscular mechanisms of the anterior abdominal segments of certain adult Hymenoptera. 29 pp. The Transactions of the Royal Entomological Society of London 111(8)
  195  8
CBU 35167   
 Sivinski J., 1981: The nature and possible functions of luminiscence in Coleoptera larvae (Coleoptera). 13 pp. The Coleopterists Bulletin 35(2): 167-179.
  50  2
EVE 962   
 Smirnov R. V., 1999: Evolution of adhesive papillae and multicellular epidermal glands in the preannular region of the trunk of pogonophores of the subclasses Frenulata and Monilifera: a new view. 6 pp. Zoological sessions 281(1998): 73-78.
  50  2
COL 1147   
 Soboleva-Dokutshaeva I. I., Solbatova T. A., 1980: Nekotorye faktory, opredeljajushtshie effektivnost lovushek Barbera. 6 pp. 
  50  2
COL 1151   
 Srivastava U. S., 1959: The maxillary glands of some Coleoptera. 6 pp. 
  50  2
BTE 11015   
 Srivastava U. S., Srivastava P. D., 1961: On the hydrogen-ion concentration in the alimentary canal of the Coleoptera. 6 pp. [COL 1152] Beiträge zur Entomologie 11(1-2): 15-20.
  50  2
DIP 5988   
 Staddon B. W., 1962: The larval excretory system of Chaoborus crystallinus (Degeer) (Diptera: Culicidae). 5 pp. 
  50  2
MHB 30   
 Stebaev I. V., 1981: An attempt of parallel studies of the ecology and behaviour of insects in the field and laboratory. I. 15 pp. (in Russian). Entomologitsheskoe obozrenie 60(1): 77-91.
  50  2
MHB 31   
 Stebaev I. V., 1982: An attempt of parallel studies of the ecology and behaviour of insects in the field and laboratory. II. 14 pp. (in Russian). Entomologitsheskoe obozrenie 61(1): 53-66.
  50  2
DIP 6001   
 Stern C., 1929: Kleinere Beiträge zur Genetik von Drosophila melanogaster. I. Ein Hemmungsfaktor der Purpuraugenfarbe. 17 pp. 
  50  2
ESC 11131   
 Sugiura S., Tsuru T., Yamaura Y., Hasegawa M., Makihara H., Makino S., 2008: Differences in endemic insect assemblages among vegetation types on a small island of the oceanic Ogasawara Islands. 11 pp. Entomological Science 11(2): 131-141.
  50  2

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