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MSG 50269   
 Ebersold H. R., Luethy P., Mueller M., 1977: Changes in the fine structure of the gut epithelium of Pieris brassicae induced by the delta-endotoxin of Bacillus thuringiensis. 8 pp. Mitt. Schweiz. entomol. Ges. 50(3-4): 269-276.
  50  2
INS 609   
 Edelman N. M., 1963: Vozrastnye izmenenija fiziologičeskogo sostojanija ličinok nekotorych drevojadnych nasekomych v svjazi s uslovijami ich pitanija. 11 pp. 
  50  2
JPE 08397   
 Elghar G. E. A., Elbermawy Z. A., Yousef A. G., Elhady H. K. A., 2005: Monitoring and characterization of insecticide resistance in the cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). 14 pp. Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology 8(4): 397-410.
  50  2
EPR 37049   
 Elsayed G., 2007: Plant secondary substances and insect behavior. 10 pp. (in English). Entomological Problems 37(1-2): 49-58.
  50  2
MHB 9   
 Epstein V. M., 2000: The theory of biological evolution as a prototype of the general theory of evolving systems. Communication 3. The system studies and the theory of systematics. 6 pp. Vestnik zoologii 34(4-5): 3-8.
  50  2
JPE 08107   
 Etebari K., Matindoost L., 2005: Application of multi-vitamins as supplementary nutrients on biological and economical characteristics of silkworm Bombyx mori L. 6 pp. [LEP 6473] Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology 8(1): 107-112.
  50  2

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