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GEN S14   
 Tarnawski D., (ed.), 2007: Universal classification of Organisms ľ a chalenge for classic and molecular taxonomy. Proceedings of the 8th conference of the Polish Taxonomical Society. Dedicated to Professor Maciej Mroczkowski (1927-2007). [Collection work of 16 papers.] 176 pp. Genus.
  790  32
ZVA 40   
 Terslin H. C., 1944: Gilleleje-egnÚns fugle. III. 16 pp. 
  50  2
MHB 32   
 Thiele H. U., Lehmann H., 1967: Analyse und Synthese in tier÷kologischen Experiment. 8 pp. 
  50  2
ZVA 74   
 Thilo O., 1902: Das Einsammeln und Aufbewahren zoologischer Gegenstńnde. 15 pp. (in German). Korrespondenzblatt des Naturforscher-Vereins zu Riga 45: 104-118.
  50  2
ZVA 14   
 Tomek A., Tomek Z., 1993: Game animals in Krakˇw Municipal Forest. 6 pp. Przeglad Zool. 37(3-4): 233-238.
  50  2
 Turner J. R. G., : Forest refuges as ecological islands: discorderly extinction and the adaptive radiation of muellerian mimics. 20 pp. Publ. Lab. Zool. Ecol. Norm. Superiore, No. 9: 98-117
  150  6

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