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 Gebauer A., 2006: In der Teichlausitz. 111 pp. 
  195  8
TRV 92   
 Geijskes D. C., 1953: Het zologisch onderzoek van Suriname. 11 pp. (in Dutch). Vakblad voor Biologen 33: 141-151.
  50  2
EBA 34011   
 Geiser M., Nagel P., 2013: Coleopterology in Laos an introduction to the nature of the country and its coleopterological exploration. 36 pp. Entomologica Basiliensia et Collectionis Frey 34: 11-46.
  295  12
 Geyler P., 1872: Bericht ber die botanische Ausbeute der durch die Dr. Noll und Grenacher ausgefhrten Reise. 22 pp. (in German). 
  150  6
 Gilyarov M. S., Pravdina F. N., 1984: Zhizn zhivotnych, tom tretij. Tshlenistonogye: trilobity, chelicerovye, trachejnodyshashtskye. Onychofory. 462 pp.  Discount 20%!
  76  3.20
ZIP 11   
 Gloser J., Husk ., 1987: Sukulentn rostliny. ivou prodou. 80 bar. fot., 118 pp. 
  95  4
FEH 302053   
 Gozmny L., Mahunka S., 1977: The collectings of the Hungarian Natural History Museum in Tunisia. 1. Report of the zoological results of the first collecting trip in 1977. 14 pp. [TRV 10] Folia Entomologica Hungarica (S.N.) 30(2): 53-66.
  50  2
TRV 93   
 Grieg J. A., 1889: En zoologisk exkursion til Husoen. 6 pp. (in Danish). 
  50  2
 Grimm R., 2011: Die Deutche Indien-Expedition 1955-1958 unter Leitung von Gustav Adolf Baron von Maydell. 250 pp. (in German). 
  495  20
 Gulik L., 2004: zemie duchov. [Barevn obrazov publikace o expedici do Irian Jaya.] Formt 24x30 cm. 183 pp. (in Slovak).  Discount 20%!
  1192  48
 Gulik L., Marti J., 1999: Mysterious Mamberamo. The Indonesian part of New Guinea Irian Jaya. [The fully coloured travel story with a lot of photographs.] Size 24x30 cm. 255 pp. (in English).  Discount 20%!
  1192  48

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