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KFP 27   
 Bazyluk W., 1976: Dermaptera. Katalog fauny Polski XVII(3). 19 pp.  Discount 50%!
  75  3
KOP 11   
 Bazyluk, 1956: Blattodea, Mantodea. Klucze owadów Polski. 40 pp.  Discount 30%!
  175  7
GIN 206    
 Beier M., 1938: Gryllacrididae. Wytsman P. (ed.): Genera Insectorum, fasc. 206. 7 colour plates, 317 pp. 
  1690  68
FRU 059   
 Bey-Bienko G. Ya., 1954: Insecta: Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Phaneropterinae. Fauna SSSR. 388 pp.  Discount 50%!
  395  16
 Brullé M., F., Laporte de Castelnau M., Blanchard E., 1840: Histoire naturelle des animaux articulés. Annelides: crustacés, arachnides, myriapodes et insectes. Histoire des insectes coléopteres (tomes I by Brullé & Castelnau and II by Castelnau), orthopteres, neuropteres, hémipteres, hyménopteres, lépidopteres et dipteres (tome III by Blanchard) (in French), 1840. Three parts in three half-leather bound books. 8vo. Title-page in part I missing, (I) cxxv+324 pp.; (II) 563 pp.; (III) 672 pp. 128 hand-coloured or tinted engraved plates MISSING. The rare first edition. Contains the descriptions of many new and little known species of Coleoptera, Diptera, and Lepidoptera, etc. Horn-Schenkling quotes four volumes, but volume IV is by Lucas on crustacés etc... Paris, Duménil Discount 30%!
  10493  420
 Burmeister H., 1842: Handbuch der Entomologie. Zweiter Band. Besondere Entomologie. Erste Abtheilung. Rhynchota. Zweite Abtheilung. Gymnognatha. Zwei hand-kolorierten Tafeln, 1050 pp. Half-leather bound, very good condition.  Discount 20%!
  7992  320
CLW 03   
 Byers G. W., Hagen R. H., Brooks R. W. (eds.), 1999: Entomological contributions in memory of Byron A. Alexander. [32 papers mainly on Hymenoptera, also on Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Orthoptera, Mecoptera, and Acari.] 251 pp. 
  990  40
AEP S08   
 Èejchan A., 1977: The postembryonic development of the bush crickets Tettigonia cantans (Fuessly), Decticus verrucivorus (L.) and Metrioptera brachyptera (L.) (Tettigonioidea: Tettigoniidae), 43 black & white photos, 88 pp. [6251] Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae
  450  18
 Fontana P., Buzzetti F. M., Marino-Perez M., 2008: Chapulines, langostas, grillos y esperanzas de México. Guía fotográfica. 393 color photographs, 268 pp. 
  990  40
CLW 77   
 Giachino P. M., (ed.), 2008: Biodiversity of South America. I. Memoirs on biodiversity, vol. 1. 496 pp.  
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  1290  50
SPX S25   
 Gohn H., 1999: Revision of the carpetana-group of Phyllodromica Fieber from Spain, Portugal and France. Insecta, Blattaria, Blatellidae, Ectobiinae. 102 pp. Spixiana suppl. 25: 1-102.
  590  24
 Harz K., 1957: Die Geradflügler Mitteleuropas. Mit 255 Abbildungen im Text und 20 farbigen Tafeln. 494 pp.  Discount 50%!
  1995  80
ILK 3   
 Koèárek P., Holuša J., Vidlièka ¼., 2005: Blattaria, Mantodea, Orthoptera & Dermaptera of the Czech and Slovak Republics. Illustrated key 3. 21 colour plates, 348 pp. (in Czech and English). Minor defects - discount 10%  Discount 10%!
  2691  95
 Mestre J., 1988: Les acridiens des formations herbeuses d’Afrique de l’ouest. 330 pp.  Discount 20%!
  632  26
FRU 054   
 Mishtshenko L. L., 1952: Insecta: Orthoptera: Acrididae: Catantopinae. Fauna SSSR. 612 pp.  Discount 50%!
  595  24
MMT C04   
 Passerin d’Entréves P., 1981: Cataloghi IV - Collezioni Ortotterologiche del Museo di Zoologia dell’Universita di Torino. 125 pp. Cataloghi IV Discount 50%!
  198  8
CLW 099   
 Pavièeviè D., Perreau M., (eds.), 2012: Fauna Balkana, Volume 1. Seven papers on Evertebrata, Orthoptera and cave-dwelling Silphidae. 212 pp.  Discount 50%!
  248  10
FOR 3   
 Sakai S., (ed.), 1999: Forficula, vol. 3. A basic survey for integrated taxonomy of the Dermaptera of the World. 171 pp. 
  495  20
FOR 4   
 Sakai S., (ed.), 2000: Forficula, vol. 4. A basic survey for integrated taxonomy of the Dermaptera of the World. 297 pp. 
  495  20
 Sergeev M. G., Kopaneva L. M., Pubtsov I. A., Antipanova E. M., Bugrov A. G., Vysockaya L. V., Ivanova I. V., Kazakova I. V., Kazakova I. G., Karelina R. I., Pshenicyna L. B., Sobolev N. N., Chogsomzhav L., 1995: Sibirskaya kobylka (Aeropus sibiricus L.). 175 pp.  Discount 20%!
  156  6.40
 Stallegger P., (ed.):, 2019: Sauterelles, grillons, criquets, perce-oreilles, mantes et phasmes (Orthoptera, Dermaptera, Mantodea, Phasmatodea) de Normandie. Statuts et répartition. 228 pp.  Discount 50%!
  495  20

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